In 2003, I joined up with ConnecTV at The Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV); venturing behind the camera to learn the many challenging aspects of documentary filmmaking and television production. The goal: getting the voices and stories of the disabled to be heard; opening up the fascinating world of disability, in a graspable manner, thus diminishing society's fears, and the disableds' sense of isolation, and non-inclusion. Developing a story, camera work, lighting, editing, producing...gave me an appreciation for the dedication and work necessary on the other side of the camera in order to arrive at a good product. Actors, or as in my case, the documentary subjects need the myriad of people behind the camera to share their stories with the world, and those behind the camera need actors, and documentary subjects to tell their stories. It is a relationship that is symbiotic in nature, and cannot be treated in any other manner if a good story is to be told. Both roles have provided to be challenging and rewarding. Of course, as you know, this symbiosis exists throughout the realm of the arts, and in fact, in all aspects in life.

        The disabled community, of which I am a member, is one that does not discriminate and welcomes all, when it comes to doling out its membership. We are a segment of society, growing at an increasingly fast pace. If there is not someone in our own families, we all know of someone who is disabled. Eventually, everyone no matter what their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or color will be members of the disabled community to some degree in their lifetime, yet we are the least represented, and most feared. As the fountain of youth leaves us and we become slower, and or need aides to accomplish daily life skills, society does not recognize us as "disabled", but rather "elderly." To date, I am pleased to have produced three documentaries; one on our youth and the environment, and two featuring disabled subject matter. It is my hope that my films help bring us one step closer to ending the fear, ignorance, and isolation. For after all, we are all united in making our way through this journey we call life. Film/Producing Credits.

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