Marc Jeffrey Grobman
646 . ACT . GYMP 228.4967
A Challenged Filmmaker/Producer



Documentaries / Television                                                               Screenings/Festivals
Ready or Not (2003-2004) Three disabled teens graduate from the NYC Public School System. Emory University NYC Film Festival (Sept. 2005)
ConnecTV / Downtown Community Television Sprout Int'l Film Festival ( May 2005, NYC)

Producer, Cameraman, Editor

ConnecTV Pilot (January 2005)
An Evening at HBO (March 2004, NYC)
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On Her Own Terms (2003-2004) Explore the world of Monique Fagen Smith, a NYC homeless, schizo-phrenic, street artist.

Iowa City Int'l Documentary Festival (April 2005)

ConnecTV / Downtown Community Television ConnecTV Pilot (January 2005)

     Producer (designed & conducted key interviews), Cameraman

Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival (June 2005, submit)
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"Yellowstone" Trevor Day School’s Expedition to the Park                                        (2004-2005) Teachers and seniors prepare for, and embark on a unique expedition to Yellowstone National Park with middle-schoolers.
A Dorlester-Grobman Production

Co-Producer, Cameraman, Editing Advisor

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ConnecTV Pilot (January 2005) Mini-series pilot.  Focus on disabled communities worldwide, through documentaries and video conferencing. ConnecTV Pilot Premier (March 2005, NYC)
ConnecTV / Downtown Community Television

Host/Writer/Producer/Documentary Producer

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ConnecTV (2003-2005)
ConnecTV / Downtown Community Television Producing, Directing, Camera Work, Lighting, Editing (Avid) Chris Arnold, Eddie Stein, Asher Dorlester


-Automobile & Driver's License -Assistance Dog:  Brock Golden Retriever
-2003 AKC Service Dog Team of the Year-
(Cerebral Palsy / crutch user / can walk independently.)
Questions about access with a service animal?

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